Life at Uken Games

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In stride with my last co-op placement, the general office atmosphere at Uken Games is the one of the main things that I like to talk about when telling people about my co-op experience. Uken is a relatively young company in both founding date and employee age and this shows in their desire to have fun. Below I will touch on a few of the awesome things that made Uken Games a very unique and exciting place to work.

Booster Juice / Healthy Beverage Tuesdays

Every Tuesday during the mid afternoon Uken has either a large quantity of Booster Juice or assorted healthy fruit juice beverages delivered to the office for everyone to enjoy. This was always great as it helped to break up some long afternoons when you are stuck on a particular problem.

Games Room

Uken’s downtown Toronto office features an awesome games room that includes a Ping-Pong table, a foosball table and a projector with pretty well every game console that you can imagine. After all, we are a game company so playing in the middle of the day is just research! I vowed at the beginning of my work term that I was going to become a Ping-Pong ninja but I’m sad to say that I am just as horrible leaving as when I arrived.

Catered Breakfast & Lunch

One really cool thing that Uken does for its employees is cater all of their meals. Every morning there would be a selection of either bagels, fruit and yogurt or hot breakfasts such as pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, breakfast sandwiches, sausage, you name it. Lunches were also great with a lot of selection including chicken and vegetables, burgers, pizza, sandwich platters, burritos, and build your own fajitas, just to name a few. This is quite an expense for Uken but it certainly pays off in increased productivity from the happy employees.

Holiday Party

The Uken holiday party turned out to be an incredible end to a successful co-op term. The party was held on a Friday night at SPiN Toronto which is a 12,000 sq. ft. ping pong night club located downtown Toronto. Uken booked their private party room which included 5 Ping-Pong tables, a bar and delicious food served all night long. It was a great opportunity to get to hang out with some of my fellow coworkers in a different setting and I had a blast. Uken very generously put me up in a hotel since it would have been difficult for me to get home on my normal commute.

All in all, life at Uken was amazing and I am very excited to be returning after graduation.