Goals for Summer & Fall 2013

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Early in my work term semester, I set some goals for myself that I would attempt to achieve by the end of the term. These goals were tightly related to my role as a Software Develop at Uken Games and dealt with specific skills that I wanted to enhance.

In order to ensure that my goals were realistic and manageable I used the SMART guideline in that each goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time targeted. Below I have outlined each goal and have provided some reflection regarding their progress.

Technological Literacy

Over the course of my 8-month work term at Uken, I wanted to greatly broaden my skill set by learning about all of the different technologies and tools that were being used. I was certain that by learning these technologies I would have the opportunity to draw from a greater bank of knowledge when tackling new problems that I would face in projects down the road.

In order to accomplish this learning objective, I decided that I would read about and utilize a variety of languages and frameworks such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Rspec and AngularJS. Upon encountering something that I am unsure of, I intended to seek out the appropriate documentation and source code to enhance my understanding. I’m happy to say with certainty that I did meet this goal. I am now very comfortable with the aforementioned technologies thanks to my stint as a software development intern. In fact, I have been using these technologies in personal projects (including this web application), which I believe is the true measure of being versed.

Personal Organization/Time Management

Another learning objective that I wanted to pursue throughout my work term was to improve my ability to prioritize the various tasks that I would be working on at any given time. I found that I would often stick to a single task just to complete it when perhaps my time could have been better spent focusing on another problem.

To achieve this learning objective, I figured that I would use the priority feature of Jira to organize my tasks and work in the order that is reflected. I also wanted to try to pick up on cues given from my team members to guide my workflow. I believe that I made some good progress on being able to prioritize my tasks betters. As I became more knowledgeable about the various projects at Uken it became easier and easier to determine which project deserved priority. I did end up Jira a lot for organizing all of my tasks. It even lets you link certain tasks that are dependent on one another which really did serve to create a clear picture of what needed to be accomplished during an iteration.

Critical & Creative Thinking – Problem Solving

One final learning objective was that I wanted to enhance my problem solving and analytical skills. Since the software development field is centred around this concept, any progress toward better problem solving skills would be undeniably useful.

I decided that I would attempt to perform sufficient research when given a project so that I am fully aware of what it entails. I would also work with all of my team members in order to gauge their different styles of tackling the problems that they are faced with. The true measure of success for this goal would be not only if I was able to propose various solutions to problems that I am confronted with, but also if I would be able to follow through on the implementation. In reflection, my progress on this goal is a little bit tough to quantify but I do believe I have made great strides to enhancing my problem solving skills. I often found myself doing research on my next project when I wasn’t at the office so that I could arrive and be prepared to face any challenges head on. Given that I worked on a vast number of different projects and came up with a lot of different solutions, I think it is safe to say that I did meet this goal.

Written By

Andrew Halligan

Published November 30, 2013