The Interns Have Arrived

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Earlier this week, the Shad Valley interns that I had a chance to help interview have started at Polar. Since the interviews concluded, I have been given the responsibility of overseeing nearly everything about the process. I got to review the candidates and make final deliberations and also send emails out to everyone who applied (who were all great by the way). We ended up choosing two individuals to come on to the Analytics and Reporting team for the month of August.

Since then I have been in constant communication with the interns as they complete a preliminary project, which relates directly to items that I have been working on at Polar. When the interns arrived on their first day, I got the opportunity to chat with them for quite a while about what their responsibilities would be and the 2-3 week project that they would be working on first.

I compiled a substantial amount of reading material to help bring them up to speed on the organization and on some of the technologies that they would be using. The majority of this information is stuff that was given to me when I started and also some articles and tutorials that I found useful. Because of the preliminary project that the students worked on prior to arriving, it was very easy to gauge what they would be able to handle.

For their first task, they will be revamping an existing Polar project that has some serious room for improvement. This project is used by the Operations team to inspect various analytics packets as they come in from the client. It is fairly barebones so each student will have a lot of room to make it their own and strengthen it as a useful software tool. One end goal will be to implement a JavaScript timeline widget so that it is very easy for users to see the progression of the packets coming in over time. Even simple enhancements like formatting timestamps appropriately will go a long way.

As the interns' mentor, I will be touching base with them frequently to answer any questions and help nudge them in the right direction. I know that this is something that I appreciated when I was just starting. It really does feel great to be able to use some of the knowledge I have acquired from my co-op work term and pass it along to two young people with very bright futures. The only disappointment that I can name is that I will not get a chance to work with them until the end of their placement due to differing end dates. I can't wait to see what they come up with and how they progress as they work on their first project!

Written By

Andrew Halligan

Published August 9, 2012