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Even though I did a similar blog post during my previous co-op work term, I figured I would give an update and talk about some more of the pretty great stuff that has been happening at Polar Mobile during my returning semester.

Team Lunches

In stride with my last placement, the Analytics and Operations teams frequently go out to lunch to sample one of the many local restaurants in downtown Toronto. These are always a very fun occasion and are always something to look forward to (though if you order sandwiches all the time, they will call you out!) filled with great conversation and delicious food!

Board Game Fridays

BGF is one thing that has been newly added since my last work term and though I never got a chance to participate due to train timing I have heard it is a lot of fun. Every Friday around 4:00 pm anyone who wants to play an assortment of games including Diplomacy, Power Grid or Munchkin would congregate in the middle of the office for a good time. One week a LAN party was held as well with everyone playing Quake Live on their workstations. In essence, BGF is a pretty great way to cool down from a week of hard work.

Office Life

One thing that is worth mentioning is just the atmosphere of the office in general. Though it isn't exactly an organized event, there are always exciting things going on in the office. During Euro Cup, there was an office pool and all of the games were streamed live in the presentation area for anyone who was interested. Also during the Summer Olympics the projector could often found being used to show case the different events that were going on. I distinctly recall the majority of the team being crowded around the big screen to witness Usain Bolt win the gold medal in the 200m finals. Between birthday celebrations, team gatherings and lunch and learns, there is rarely a dull moment at Polar's headquarters in Toronto.

Boat Cruise

One final thing that I will mention is Polar's Summer 2012 Boat Cruise. The day started with lunch at the office and then the entire team trekked down to Toronto Harbour to get on board Miss Toronto for an afternoon tour all around the islands. This is something that I have never experienced before and its something that I won't easily forget. The day itself was very hot and everyone in attendance had a great time drinking beverages under the sun.

In conclusion, I certainly count myself as lucky to have returned to Polar Mobile for my third co-op placement. It really is a fantastic place to be employed and I would genuinely recommend it to anyone with an appetite for fun that is looking for interesting and engaging work.

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Andrew Halligan

Published August 12, 2012