I'm Going to do What?

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The best part about returning to an organization to pursue another coop work term is in my opinion the fact that they already know what you are capable of and what you can handle. Because of this, it becomes a lot easier to help that person grow. It became very evident in my first few projects that my manager was giving me more responsibility and opportunities to try new things. One thing that I wasn't expecting however was the chance to be on the other side of the table in the job interview process - I would be assisting in the interview and selection process for an intern that would join the Analytics team for the month of August.

The internship program is provided by Shad Valley which allows senior high school students interested in Math, Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship to come together and with the help of various mentors to nourish their skills over a month long project. Then if desired, the students may take part in an internship at an external company. Polar participates actively in this program given that several of the company's founders are actually Shad Alumni.

Of course I was not going to turn this fantastic experience down but I did immediately become nervous. Speaking and conveying my thoughts verbally have never been my forte but I knew that this would give me a chance to improve upon those skills. In all honesty, I was thrilled that I was chosen to help out.

The interviews were scheduled over a two-week period. This worked out very well since it gave me time to prepare and improve upon my questions and spiel for the following interviews. Each time, my manager Carlo would sit in and ask me to talk about various things including telling about our team and what we do, about Polar in general and also the culture of the office. A couple of days prior to the last interview I was informed that I would be conducting the interview by myself. It felt great to know that I had earned the trust to do this and the interview itself went very smoothly. I tried to use some of the techniques that I had observed, mainly picking one interesting thing that the candidate talked about and continually asking them to dig deeper and deeper into that topic or project.

Very few students can say that they have had this invaluable experience and I am certain that I would not have gotten this had I not returned to Polar Mobile. I'm sure it will serve me well for whatever I happen to pursue in the future.

Written By

Andrew Halligan

Published May 25, 2012