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The Polar Popular articles feature is now being wrapped up with the majority of the Clojure projects already complete and ready for prime time. However, there are still a couple loose ends that need to be tied up for this particular feature to make it to production. Polar Mobile's suite of native applications are very configurable in that our customers will decide what content to show and where that content should be populated from. The Popular Articles feature is no exception to this. Customers will be able decide if they want to include a section in their application that will feature the most popular articles in a given section at a particular instance in time.

As such, my next mini project is to allow customers to add this feature in their respective Control Panel. The majority of the required database models and backend work has already been completed so all that is left is the customer facing user interface components. So far during my work term I have mainly been working on backend tools and scripts so working on a customer facing front-end feature is an interesting change of pace.

From what I can tell so far, I think the majority of the challenge is going to stem from understanding the current implementation of the Control Panel project. It is a Django-based web application though it has been built and layered upon by many different individuals with seemingly many different styles and paradigms in mind. Another challenge that may arise is the fact that I will have to dynamically populate the popular section choices available to the user based on their selection of whether the content is editorial, a photo gallery or video based. All in all, it's great to get a chance to brush up on some other tools in my arsenal including JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX.

Written By

Andrew Halligan

Published June 29, 2012