First Day Back at Polar

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Well, it's definitely good to be back at Polar Mobile. Even though I am returning to Polar for my second work term, it immediately felt like a whole new experience. To start, the company has moved to a brand new office that is two floors above their previous space. There are many more offices and workspaces as well as a lot of room for expansion as the team grows in size. Of course all of the old amenities are still in place including the mini-putt, vending machines, couches and NERF guns.

One thing that I found was that the on-boarding process for new team members has been greatly enhanced since my previous work term. I was presented with a folder containing an itinerary that outlined meetings, presentations and activities that I would take part in for the next three days. This ranged from a talk with the CEO, Kunal Gupta to individual team meetings to find out about the new role that I would be taking on. Another aspect that was particularly nice was that Polar had brought on 6 other co-op students (all from University of Waterloo) with varied roles such as Business Development, Quality Assurance and Product Development. It was really nice to have other individuals in a similar situation that I was in. In fact, being a returning student, I was able to share a great deal of information about my previous experience.

Over the course of the three day on-boarding process, different Polar team members took all of the co-op students out for lunch each day which was great to see where all of the popular eating spots were. Everyone in the office was extremely kind and welcoming.

On a final note, one thing that was rather surprising was the amount of change that occurred in the four-month period while I was back at school. Not only was there a new office and several new faces, but the internal projects and infrastructure saw some great changes as well. I thought initially that I would integrate back into my daily work with a lot more ease but I found that I had to do a lot more reading in order to get back up to speed. If there is one thing that is for sure, as with any technology company, you certainly have to work to stay on top of the cutting edge.

Written By

Andrew Halligan

Published May 1, 2012