Fall 2011 Work Term Conclusions

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As hard as I find this to believe, tomorrow will be my last day Polar Mobile. My work term went incredibly fast this semester which in my opinion is a sign of a successful and busy placement. Without a doubt, I learned more than I thought would be possible in such a short amount of time and for that I am grateful. Below I will reflect on a few of the major takeaways from my time at Polar.

The People

Building a solid team is a difficult thing. Polar Mobile certainly takes pride in choosing the best candidates for individual positions that will really be cohesive with everyone else. In my opinion, the team at Polar Mobile is one of their absolute strengths. I had the privilege of getting to work with a few different individuals on different projects and this was a definite highlight. I got to absorb not only their code style and problem solving manoeuvres but also the company culture.

The Place

One of the best parts about the coop experience is getting a chance to try something new. The downtown Toronto environment was a perfect transition to really get me out of my comfort zone. It is fairly clear to me that without the coop program, I would not have likely pursued this position based on the location alone. Now that I have done it, I have found that I actually enjoy the daily commute and general atmosphere.

The Things

Getting the chance to work on and solve all different sorts of problems at Polar Mobile was by far the most exciting thing. I felt as though they gave me meaningful, interesting tasks that allowed me to grow as a software developer. In reflection, I am very proud and almost astonished at what I did accomplish over my work term. Hardly anything I did this semester involved technology that I was remotely familiar with prior to my work term yet now I am using these things in my own projects simply because they are neat.

Overall, I learned more than I thought imaginable during my placement at Polar Mobile this semester. Programming and software engineering is far more than just jotting down code and getting a chance to experience and understand this so early in my career is extremely valuable. I have been a strong advocate for the coop program since my last work term, and if I keep having experiences like this, I don't think I will stop anytime soon.

Written By

Andrew Halligan

Published December 20, 2011