Wrapping Up

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As hard as I find this to believe, this week marks the last official week of CIS*4900 and thus my work on the Firefox Marketplace and Add-ons projects.

For the past few days, I have been busy wrapping up all of my existing pull requests. Some of the pull requests required some small changes to be made so I ensured that all of those had been completed. On top of this, some of the pull requests that I had to update had become unmergable since they were sitting for so long. I had to rebase off of the current master branch in order to get them merged in. As it stands, all of my pull requests have been merged in aside from one small fix on the Fireplace project.

Looking back, I am extremely proud of what I have been able to accomplish over the semester. I averaged approximately two contributions/pull requests per week across a slew of different projects including Zamboni, Olympia, Fireplace and Elasticutils. I feel as though my contributions got increasingly more involved as my time working on the projects progressed as well.

Overall, I am very grateful for being able to take part in working on open source for the semester. Not only will I be earning school credit, but I learned an immense amount when it comes to developing large-scale Django projects and writing proper Python code. I also learned how to effectively work in a remote environment and the value of writing unit tests. I got to work on real-world code and solve actual problems and potential future employers can now see my contributions. There really isn’t much more I could ask for from a course.


Thanks to everyone on the Firefox Marketplace team for being so accommodating (especially Rob Hudson, Mathieu Pillard and Christopher Van for answering all of my questions and reviewing all of my pull requests). I would also like to give a special thanks to Greg Klotz and Stefan Kremer for suggesting, supervising and allowing me to work on this open source project for CIS*4900 during my final semester.

Written By

Andrew Halligan

Published April 9, 2014